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Books of Oz

Books published by Vanitas Press:

1978: Green Dolphin of Oz, The

1983: Aunt Em and Uncle Henry in Oz

1984: Good Witch of Oz, The

1984: In Other Lands Than Oz

1985: Magic Mirror of Oz, The

1986: Frogman of Oz, The

1986: Uncle Henry and Aunt Em in Oz

1987: Ten Woodmen of Oz, The

1988: Careless Kangaroo of Oz, The

1988: Charmed Gardens of Oz, The

1989: Fairy Queen in Oz, A

1990: China Dog of Oz, The

1990: Vegetable Man of Oz

1991: Crown of Oz, The

1991: Umbrellas of Oz, The

1993: Farewell to Oz, A

1993: Underground Kings of Oz, The

1994: Cloud King of Oz, The

1997: Beenie in Oz

1998: Dragons in Oz

1999: Woozy of Oz, The

2007: Collected Emerald City Mirror: Volume 1, The

2007: Collected Emerald City Mirror: Volume 2, The

2007: Collected Oz Stories of Ruth Waara, The

2007: Muppets in Oz

2007: Oz Stories of Vincent Ward, The

2007: Red Jinn in Oz, The

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