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Books published by Smashwords:

2009: Discover Yourself On The Yellow Brick Road - 7 Core Principles of Career Success

2012: Dancing in the Wind: A Short Story

2012: Emerald City, The (Osland Trilogy, Book One)

2012: Enchanted Steps

2012: Princess and the Poor Boy, The

2012: Purple Platypus In: The Wizard of Oz

2012: Road to Aj, The

2012: Twistered

2013: Dorothy's Daydreams of Oz

2013: Dorothy’s Wizard (Mind Control BDSM)

2013: Magic Of Glinda, The

2013: Mysterious Tintype of Oz, The

2014: Humpty Dumpty's Son

2014: Queen of Sky Island

2014: Royal Grandmother (and Granddaughter) of Oz, The

2014: Toto's Adventures with Dorothy

2014: Ui: Realm of the Eight Hands

2015: Emerald Door, The

2015: Lighthouse of Oz, The

2015: Of The Woods

2015: Red King, The (The Jabberwocky Book 1)

2015: Scarecrow

2015: Wizard of Willow Park, The

2017: No Place Like Home

2019: Stories to Read Instead of Doing Your Assignment: Wakii Reeder 2017 to 2018

2021: Emerald City Violation

2022: Drama Oz: A Nicky and Noah Mystery

2022: Petgirl of Oz, The

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