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2017: Curse of Magic, The: Oz Series Book 2

2017: Not In Kansas Anymore

2017: Oz

2018: Bewitching Queen, The

2018: Little Dorothy Meets The Wizard Of Oz - Story & Poem: an amusing version of the classic tale for children age 5-9

2018: Make Oz Great Again (Correctly Political Tales)

2018: Red Brick Road, The

2018: Skoobing: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz:

2018: West of Oz, Vol. 1

2018: Witch Queens: Tales from Oz (Dark Fairy Tales)

2019: 2019 Poetry Challenge: Chemistry / L. Frank Baum's Land of Oz / Tricubes

2019: Beyond Oz

2019: Darker Days of Dorothy Gale (The Dark Side of Oz)

2019: Delusions Beyond the Deadly Desert: A Novella of Oz

2019: Dorothy vs. Alice: Crucify the Scarecrow

2019: Flying Monkeys Cookbook

2019: Francesca, The Great and Terrible: A Reverse Harem Academy Romance (Emerald City Academy Book 2)

2019: Frankenstein's Monster In Oz

2019: Inventor of Oz, The

2019: Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkle Emmannuel Ambroise Diggs of Oz

2019: Oz The North Warlock

2019: Prism City, The (Kingdoms of Oz Book 3)

2019: Quartz Tower, The (Kingdoms of Oz Book 2)

2019: Queen of Oz, The

2019: Ruby Fortress, The (Kingdoms Of Oz Book 1)

2019: Searching for OZ - The Journey Home

2019: Sentinels of Oz: A Reverse Harem Academy Romance (Emerald City Academy Book 1)

2019: Soul Lessons from the Wizard of Oz: How to Follow Your Yellow Brick Road

2019: This Point in Time: Forgiveness is Universal (Flight to Oz Series)

2019: Trials of Oz, The

2019: Wizard, Great and Terrible, A (The Chronicles of Gale Book 1)

2019: Wonderfully Ugly Traveling Shoes: Adventures in Footwear

2019: Yellow Brick Road, The (New Stories Of Oz)

2020: Dorothy vs. Alice: Tin Man Rust in Peace

2020: Heartless: Lonely Souls Book 2

2020: Lusty Land of Oz (Horny Oz Book 2), The

2020: My Pretty (Mischief Matchmakers)

2020: Orphans of Oz: A Mother's Adventure

2020: Poetry Book of Oz, The: A Collection of New & Classic Ozian Rhymes for the Child in All of Us

2020: Spineless: Lonely Souls Book 1

2020: Weird Land of Oz: Conspiracy Theory, The

2020: Wizard of Oz Trivia : Discover The World Of Oz And Funny Facts About The Wizard Of Oz, The

2020: Wizard of Oz Trivia Quiz Book, The

2020: Wizard of Oz: Trivia Quiz Book, The

2021: Black Rainbow of Oz, The

2021: Fabulous Wizard of Oz: A Gay Harem Romance, The

2021: Falling Into OZ: A SciFi Alien Fairy Tale Romance

2021: Journal of Rita Diggs: Missing Vessels

2021: Painted Queen of Oz, The

2021: Return to Oz, The

2021: World Series of OZ: Marvels vs Serpents, The

2022: Boy Baronet in Oz, The

2022: Chattel Royale: Oz

2022: Dodgy Wizard of Oz: A Maid's Tale, The

2022: Shadows Over Oz

2022: Women of Oz: Sex in the Emerald City, The

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