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2006: How the War on Terror Will Be Won: The Wizard of Oz and the Wicked Witch of the West Unraveled

2008: Jellia Jamb, Maid of Oz

2008: Teacher of Oz: Educational Chaos You Just Can

2008: Wizard of Oz Collectors Price Guide, The

2009: Wizard and I, The

2011: Follow the Yellow Brick Road: Lessons from the Wizdom of Oz

2011: Oz Clan, The

2011: Oz Squad: March of the Tin Soldiers

2011: OZ The Musical

2011: Silver Tower of Oz, The

2011: Sophie and the Wizard of Oz

2011: Wizard The Pantomime The Script, The

2012: Wizards of the Odd Zoo, The

2013: Evil Emerald Village of Oz, The

2013: Lost in Oz: Temple of the Deadly Desert

2013: Love Dorothy from Oz Tralia

2013: Origin of the Wizard of Oz, The

2013: Professor Wogglebug and the Frogman of Oz

2013: Terrible Zombie of Oz, The

2013: Untold Adventures of the Visitors From Oz, The

2013: Wizard of Oz, The: The 1903 Musical Extravaganza

2014: How the Wiz Was

2014: New Oz

2014: Yellow Flick Road, The

2015: Leaving Oz

2015: Twister, The

2015: Wisdom from Pooh Corner, Alice's Looking Glass, and Other Unlikely Places

2016: Journey to Oz

2016: Tinker Smith and the Conspiracy of Oz

2017: Wizard of AAAHHS!, The

2018: Dot's Slippers

2018: Voz

2019: Judy Garland & Mickey Rooney!

2019: Lost in Oz: The Complete Trilogy

2020: Oziana #50

2020: Rubber Ostriches of Oz, The

2020: Shaman of Oz, The

2020: Stolen to Oz: Toto and Miss Jennie in Oz (without Dorothy)

2021: Maid of Arran, The

2021: Oziana #51

2021: Wonderful Wizard of Oz: A Play, The

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