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Books of Oz

Books published by Unknown:

1907: In Other Lands Than Ours

1907: Tamawaca Folks, A Summer Comedy

1979: Button Bright of Oz

1981: Saw Horse of Oz, The

1983: Journey to Oz: The History of L. Frank Baum

1995: W. W. Denslow's Scarecrow and Tin-Man: December 4, 1904 - March 12, 1905

2002: Who's Who in Oz: An Appendix

2002: Who's Who in the Borderlands of Oz

2004: There's No Place Like Home

2006: Rosine and the Laughing Dragon of Oz

2010: Chin Testicle Saga: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

2011: Woe Is Oz (Comic Series #1-6)

2021: Learn Italian with the Wonderful Wizard Of Oz: A Beginner Diglot Story

2021: Oz (Wonderland Book 2)

2021: Saving Dorothy: A Reverse Harem Wizard of Oz Retelling

2021: Wizard of Iz, The

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