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News from Glinda's Great Book of Records
Books of Oz

Books illustrated by Dulabone, Chris:

1986: Toto in Oz

1986: Uncle Henry and Aunt Em in Oz

1986: Yellow Fog Over Oz

1987: Braided Man of Oz, The

1990: On Submitting Manuscripts to Buckethead Enterprises of Oz

1991: Fantastic Funhouse of Oz, The

1992: Magic Tapestry of Oz, The

1993: Emerald Ring of Oz, The

1994: Egor's Funhouse Goes to Oz

1995: Shifting Sands of Oz, The

1996: Fwiirp in Oz

1997: Green Goblins of Oz, The

1998: Roots of Wonder in Oz, The

1999: Foolish Fable From Oz, A

2003: Dark Ages in Oz

2012: Colorful Corniness in Oz

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