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Wizard In Wonderland, The (Oz-Wonderland Series Volume 1)

Glick, Ron
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Perisho, Kayla
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Dorothy Gale has been to some strange lands, but none as unexpected as 19th century Oxford, England. Yet this is exactly where Dorothy meets Alice Liddell, a young woman with her own fanciful stories of a place called Wonderland. Alice finds herself pulled into Oz to face a new Wicked Witch, while Dorothy must follow the Wizard into a Wonderland civil war. Unknown to either girl though, plots have arisen against both faery lands, and they must uncover the hidden history shared between these lands if they are ever to set things right again. Written with a faithful eye to the original Baum and Carrol classics, The Wizard In Wonderland reveals the secrets of Oz and Wonderland in a story that brings together both classic heroines in a new epic adventure.

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