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Key to Oz, The

Anttilla, L. Jospehine
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When Dorothy Gale (of the Kansas Gales) boards a ship bound for Australia she doesn't dream that she’ll soon be returning to the familiar faces of the Land of Oz. There, Dorothy meets a host of colorful new characters whose friendships drive her to journey through the ups and downs of the physical and political terrain of Oz when they fall into trouble. Along the way, Dorothy encounters a talking raven, an unexpected travel companion, a mysterious key, the evil Nome King, and Princess Ozma of Oz herself. But when Dorothy is captured in her attempts to aid her new friends, she realizes that the only way to escape and protect those she cares about may be to risk everything. A whimsical escape into a familiar land, The Key to Oz leaves readers (and Dorothy herself) guessing until the close.

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