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Lonely Phonograph of Oz, The

Bumstead, Debbie
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"Run along, Vic, and bother some one else. Find some one who is real wicked, and stay with him till he repents. In that way you can do some good in the world." So says Scraps in The Patchwork Girl of Oz by L. Frank Baum after she listens to Victor Columbia Edison’s scratchy music that could “drive a crazy lady mad.” Did you ever wonder what became of that lonely living phonograph as he left the Patchwork Girl to start his quest? Here is the story of his adventures through Oz in his search for wickedness. He finds friends and happiness along the way, and only when he reaches the Emerald City does he find villainy. Now is his chance! Filled with illustrations you can color! About the Author: Debbie Bumstead is a big fan of the Land of Oz. She had from childhood wondered about the Phonograph who was sprinkled with the Powder of Life. It seemed sad that he was sent off into Oz to search for a wicked person and then never heard from again. So one day Debbie Bumstead begain to imagine the adventures of the Phonograph and wrote this book. It is great now to know that Vic made friends and found purpose in his life! Debbie has written other books, which are full of adventures of her own. She lives in Nevada with family and animals galore. She even has her own Grandmother's old-time wind-up phonograph with lots of scratchy records to listen to.

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