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Yellow Brick Road to Better Living, The: A Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Workbook for the Young and Young at Heart

Gehl, Nicole
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Reflections Psychotherapy
Self Help

Happiness is not dependent on having perfect life experiences, or the good will of witches or wizards. It’s a process and a journey. The Yellow Brick Road to Better Living is a retelling of the Wizard of OZ written to help you deal with your challenges using cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and other evidence based techniques tested by behavioural scientists shown to offer relief from a wide range of emotional and behaviour problems. With this workbook, you’ll travel through the land of Oz and get an understanding of how what you think is connected to how you feel physically and emotionally, and consequently what you do. Through self-monitoring, psycho-education and experimentation, you’ll develop greater self-awareness and thinking habits to take with you wherever it is that your yellow brick road may lead.

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