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Oz: The Final Journey

Hearts, The Enchanted
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Dorrance Publishing

Oz: The Final Journey by The Enchanted Hearts is a uniquely written work whose roots sprouted with L. Frank Baum's treasured tale of the travels of Dorothy to the Land of Oz, where anything's possible if you just believe. We all know the story of Dorothy and her adventures with Scarecrow, Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion, and Witches... good and bad. However, how many of us know what happened to her when she returned home to Kansas? What did she do with her life? Did she have a family? Oz: The Final Journey gives us insight into what became of Dorothy. It is an enigmatic story of faith in oneself and others that there is a strong correlation between dreams and reality. Generation by generation, join those who may have started the journey as non-believers and see what their thoughts are at the end of the epic trek to Oz, a land of fantasy and wonder. But, no matter what their experiences, there seems to be a single conclusion... There's no place like home.

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