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Glinda Letters, The (The Hidden History of Oz)

Telford, Tarl
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The Glinda Letters is an epistolary novel composed of letters written by Glinda and sent to the Wizard, Oscar Diggs, while he is in a self-imposed exile in Emerald City. Glinda writes a letter to the Wizard each year on her birthday, and also when events in Oz deem it necessary. Each letter details significant information that Glinda is learning and that she believes is important for the Wizard to know. Through these letters, Glinda reveals her true soul to Oscar, bathed in tears, scorched in anger, and tempered with the fine fury of decades of wisdom. She grows from the angry child into the fearless sorceress sworn to protect Oz from all enemies. All the while, Glinda urges Oscar to come into the light and leave the darkness behind. The throne of Emerald City is his for the taking. With political unrest growing, the urgency in Glinda's letters grows. Then it subsides as time moves on and the Wonderful Wizard becomes a legend, and then a fairy tale. He has become a story. Then his throne is threatened by another. The Crown Princess is born, and then she disappears mysteriously. Then a powerful young sorceress named Dorothy lands in Oz. After the Wizard escapes his exile and returns to the land of his birth, Glinda waits for his return, so that she can finally have her happy ending. * * * * * The Glinda Letters spans more than fifty years of time, covering events in stories yet to be written. For long-time fans of Oz, they will see history unfold from a distance as Glinda details such events as the birth of Ozma, the sudden disappearance of the crown princess, the arrival of Dorothy and the death of the Wicked Witches. For fans of The Hidden History of Oz stories, there are spoilers (although they could be considered teasers) for stories yet to come. The beginning of the Glinda Cycle of stories (The Witch Queens trilogy) is 1168 Ozy / 1852 AD, or 48 BDG (48 years before Dorothy Gale enters Emerald City). The first letter was written two years later, after the events of Emerald Spectacles (HH3).

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