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Witch Queens, The (The Hidden History of Oz)

Telford, Tarl
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Long before Dorothy…there was Glinda. Glinda only wants freedom—from her parents, her tower, and her dreary life as the daughter of the Sorceress. She wants adventures like the ones she reads about. In all her fifteen years, she has never flown with Winged Monkeys, seen a magic mirror, or even talked with a Wicked Witch. And the only rebellion she ever led was against her mother, and that was over which dress to wear to the Abracadabra Bazaar. But that single defiant act changes everything. She was supposed to be her mother’s apprentice, but the Witches destroyed the only home she knew. Orphaned and without friends, Glinda races across the land to find safety. Instead, she finds friends to stand with her against the magical armies of the Witches. They are outnumbered, out-magicked, and out of time. With her red hair as a symbol of rebellion against the Wicked Witches, Glinda will discover that the one thing in Oz more powerful than magic is freedom. The Witch Queens Glinda is the daughter of the Ruby Sorceress, trapped in her so-called perfect life - stuck in a tower with books, locked away to protect her from the Wicked Witches until the fateful day when she will join her mother in the sorcerous arts. With her sixteenth birthday approaching, all Glinda wants is freedom - from her life, her parents, and all of their expectations. Today, at the Abracadabra Bazaar, she was expected to dress nice and play her part, but her red-haired rebellion ruined everything. Humiliated, she runs away and rejects all offers of help, leaving a huge opening in her life for the devious Wicked Witches to step in wreak havoc. Orphaned and alone, Glinda runs for her life, questioning the freedom she thought she wanted, but no place is safe from the reach of the Wicked Witches -- The Wicked Witch of the East with her apprentice, Locasta; the Wicked Witch of the West, and Mombi. Until one day a giant balloon from a far-off land drops through a magic hole in the sky and changes everything. Glinda befriends this young ventriloquist named Oscar Diggs (The Wonderful Wizard) and finds courage from his stories of freedom and independence. Emboldened, Glinda stops running and faces the Witches and their armies. If she can win the day against impossible odds, Glinda (and the entire Land of Oz) will be safe. Journey with Glinda as she steps out of her sheltered life into a world of bitter enemies and loyal friends, unwanted destinies and impossible choices. Experience the heartache of opportunities lost, and the thrill of exciting new adventures. Enjoy the whimsy and wonder of growing up in a land where magic rules, and every freedom comes with a price. About the Hidden History The Celtic roots of Oz reach back more than one thousand years; a past full of Witches and warriors fighting to control the magic of the land. Oz is a land powered by human dreams, taking what is dreamed on earth to create magic. Now the destiny of this magical land rests in the hands of two dreamers - a sorceress and a wizard. If they can conquer fear and overcome their troubled past, they will find a love for the ages and a brighter future for Oz. If not, their shadows will blanket Oz in an everlasting nightmare. Whimsy and wonder, courage and adventure await in this prequel series to L. Frank Baum’s classic novel, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. The Witch Queens is a fun-filled fantastic adventure for ages 10 and up.

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