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Crown of the Dreamer (The Hidden History of Oz)

Telford, Tarl
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Emerald Engine Studios

Long before Dorothy…there was Glinda. Glinda should be happy. After all, she defeated the Wicked Witches and stopped them from conquering Oz. She has her own land in the South under her control. But there is one mystery that will not let her rest…what secrets lurk in the mind of the Wizard? In a magical experiment that borders on betrayal, Glinda discovers the hidden nightmares and unleashes the shadows that the Wizard kept inside. Now the Wizard has escaped Glinda’s control to find solace in the amber eyes of a new friend. Glinda wants him back to make things right. As the fragile peace disintegrates around her, Glinda’s betrayal casts a long shadow. Even the emerald magic of Oz wants the Wizard’s nightmares silenced. With the life of her true love at stake, how far will Glinda go to regain control? The Hidden History of Oz The Celtic roots of Oz reach back more than one thousand years; a past full of Witches and warriors fighting to control the magic of the land. Oz is a land powered by human dreams, taking what is dreamed on earth to create magic. Now the destiny of this magical land rests in the hands of two dreamers - a sorceress and a wizard. If they can conquer fear and overcome their troubled past, they will find a love for the ages and a brighter future for Oz. If not, their shadows will blanket Oz in an everlasting nightmare. Whimsy and wonder, courage and adventure await in this prequel series to L. Frank Baum’s classic novel, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Crown of the Dreamer Two years ago, Oscar Diggs, the Wonderful Wizard, arrived in Oz and changed everything. His stories and dreams enchant the land and bring him great power, but with great power comes even greater enemies. Those closest to the Wizard witness firsthand his struggles as he isolates himself from the adoring world. In the shining Emerald City filled with people, the Wizard stands utterly alone. But then an act of betrayal reveals the Wizard’s darkest secrets and unleashes a terrifying new weapon, the likes of which could destroy Oz forever. Glinda, the young sorceress, wants Oscar. Kally, the magically disguised Wicked Witch of the East, wants Oscar. And Oscar, the object of everyone’s affection, just wants sleep. Whoever wins, the Wizard loses. His shadows now follow him into the daylight waking hours, threatening to destroy his fragile control over sanity. With time running out, and the Wizard under the control of the golden-eyed Witch as they attack the castle of the Wicked Witch of the West, Glinda searches all throughout Emerald City and the surrounding lands to find Oscar and bring him home. If she succeeds, the Wizard will be safely shackled under her watchful care. But if she fails, no power in all of Oz will redeem him from the shadows. This darkly imaginative story intertwines the troubled first steps of the Wizard’s descent into madness, and the heroic and devious exploits of the two women trying to save him from himself, illustrating that every hero is defined by their own shadow. Note: This story has a cliffhanger ending that is completed in Book Three: Emerald Spectacles. The Hidden History of Oz, Book Two: Crown of the Dreamer is an intense fantastical adventure for ages 12 and up.

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