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Shadow of Oz

Damon, Nick
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Secret Origin Press

The Land of Oz is dying. Emerald City has been conquered and the most valuable item in Oz is missing. The race for the Ozma is on and only one person knows where it is. Dorothy Gale. There's just one problem, Dorothy has grown up and forgotten all about her adventures in Oz. She's been living in New York, working in an office cubicle, chained to her desk, wishing to escape her dreary, miserable existence. On one chilly November day, she gets her wish. An old enemy from Oz has tracked her down, sending her running for her life. Now Dorothy must follow a mysterious trail of clues left by her younger self, if she hopes to survive. How can she get back to Oz if she doesn't remember the way? And where is the Ozma? What is the Ozma? A Lion, a Scarecrow, and a Tin Man all play a part in the mystery. Will they help her or hurt her? Follow Dorothy as she returns to the Land of Oz, where a dangerous journey awaits!

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