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Evil Emerald Village of Oz, The

Baxley Jr., Ron
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The Evil sorceress, Mombi, once considered destroyed long ago by the Scarecrow has now returned from the Land of the Dead to create her Evil Emerald Village; a place of refuge from where she now plots her revenge against those responsible for her downfall. Now it's up to Jack Pumpkinhead, the Gump, Div; a rustic Divining Rod, the Glass Cat and Wheel Barrow, all five of whom had been brought to Life by the Powder of Life long ago, to work together with the Queen of the Field Mice and Princess Ozma to defeat the Evil plans of Mombi and save the Land of Oz from the clutches of the Evil Emerald Village. Even Charon, Ferryman of the River Styx gets caught up in the fun and adventure as many old, familiar characters from the wondrous tales told by the Royal Historian of Oz find their way into this madcap story of Good versus Evil in the Land of Oz.

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