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Lost Lands of Oz: The Rain King Is Missing

Kelly, Janet
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Xlibris Corp.

Imagine wicked forces in the Lost Lands of Oz trying to take control of the magical kingdom by capturing the Rain King. It's a race against time as Princess Ozma, Ruler of the Land, enlists the help of three young detectives and one kid sister, to find the Rain King before it's too late, and the plush, green Land of Oz shrivels into a barren wasteland. The mystery began when Princess Ozma and the Rain King were examining the life scrolls Ozma had created-she called the scrolls her best work because each scroll housed a life secret that could only be unlocked by the hand of a child. Even Ozma herself couldn't undo her own magic. But something happened during this special meeting between the two friends-the Princess fell into a deep sleep, and when she awoke, the Rain King had disappeared, and the life scrolls had turned to solid gold bricks-closed and locked-hinting that evil had been in the room. Yet, the bricks were sprinkled with the Rain King's rainbow signature. How could this be? Ozma knew something terrible had happened to him, but what? She couldn't open the scrolls, and she feared the worst! Her only hope was to call in children-detectives from a place faraway called Texas. Nonbelievers the boys were until they reached the Land of Oz and met those who inhabited the Land. So, with help from the Princess herself, the three boys, one kid sister, and Professor Wogglebug, a magnified Bug of the highest order, set out on their mission: To search the Land of Oz, retrieve the missing Rain King, and open the secrets of the life scrolls. The dangers are everywhere, not imagined; time is critical, not imagined; the characters are real, not imagined. WARNING: Imagination required, not imagined.

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