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Bungle of Oz

Bailey, Carrie
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Bailey, Carrie
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The glass cat first appeared in the Patchwork Girl of Oz by Frank L. Baum. She's vain, prideful and her brains are made from the most elegant tourmaline pink marbles imaginable. After living luxuriously in the Palace of Oz for quite some time, glass cat has been accidentally rendered breakable by her creator, the Crooked Magician. Along with Igi, Oz's tallest munchkin she travels across the country into Ev to discover a thriving industry in a land where magic is still legal. Then, unexpectedly, on the miles wide castle grounds of the Wizard of Ev, the gravel men involve Igi in a senseless war that begins to answer questions about his clockwork arm, his amnesia and his origins. All would be resolved swiftly if the castle weren't constructed from red glass and Bungle weren't faced with the hardest choice she'd ever been given. Does she become a real cat? Or does she live forever with the chips and scratches she's endured?

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