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Hackers of Oz, The

Mula, Tom
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Dog Ear Publishing, LLC

10-year-old computer geek Elizabeth Gale Callahan is fully in control of her nice, tidy, life. Fully, thank you. Until...the Scarecrow and Scraps appear in her bedroom and refuse to go back home-to Oz. The Scarecrow looked solemnly at Elizabeth. "You see, little girl, mistakes might have been made. When a witch is destroyed, that energy sometimes doesn't go away. Like Einstein said, it's sometimes...transformed." "You mean it goes somewhere else?" said Elizabeth. The Scarecrow nodded. "Somewhere like here?" said Elizabeth. The Scarecrow nodded again. Hackers of Oz is a gift for mothers and daughters, a valentine to the city of Chicago, and a celebration of all of us who wore ruby slippers or a pointy black hat on Halloween!

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