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Tales of Yot

Nicolai, Adam
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Hoda, Ardian
Empty-Grave Publishing

Beneath the blue sky, under the lands you’ve heard of, the Unheard-Of seeps through the soil, creeps in the muffled darkness. A misunderstood dictator finds it. The disfigured nurtures and keeps it. Empowered by the one who has borrowed, A scribe is bound to unleash it. Will three tales of trouble in Ev sufficiently prepare the residents of the Land of Oz for what’s coming? Or will they stand and gape at dark clouds churning darker skies—the wistful end to their old-time lullabies? The Tales of Yot is a fully illustrated compilation of stories originally published in the Empty-Grave Retrofit Editions of The Silver Princess in Oz, The Magical Mimics in Oz, and The Shaggy Man of Oz. Yot's tales cover previously unexplored areas of the Land of Ev and set the groundwork for a new lore in the neighboring Land of Oz. A map and timeline of events are included in this release.

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