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Ozian Adventure of Pickleless & Blu, The

Wallace II, James C.
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Aadon Blu carried the Mark of Ozma ever since his “Day of Redemption” when his Spirit was saved by the Royal Ruler of Oz; Princess Ozma. Her Majesty had answered the “Cry for Help” from across the great void between Oz and the Great Outside and battled Death on behalf of the young man known as Aadon Blu. Now, he must fight his own battle as he discovers a new friend named Nicholas Pickleless, who comes from beyond Oz and the two new friends search for the missing Jeweled Star of Jak Horner in hopes of saving the Great Rainbow, who has been enchanted and turned to glass. The two heroes are joined by Boris the Spider as they encounter Polychrome; Daughter of the Great Rainbow, the Mist Maidens, Glinda; Good Witch of the South and many more familiar and not so familiar characters from the Land of Oz in this newest tale of Love, friendship, mystery and fantasy.

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