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Giant Chinchilla of Oz, The

Heller, Andrew J.
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Heller, Rachel
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Moving into a house formerly occupied by a magician was bound to produce some surprises, but for Jason, aged 11, it produced rather more than that. Transported into another world and unable to return because he had not taken the warning about recharging the magician’s “Rod of Apportation” seriously, accompanied only by a furry toy bearing the label “Magic Expanding Chinchilla”, Jason may be in serious trouble. It seems, however, that there may be others in the Land of Oz who are in worse trouble. Can Jason help them, or at least warn them? Perhaps he can, if he can avoid being eaten by the giant weevils or turned into a dust mite, bamboozled by a Spin Doctor or shredded, folded, stapled or simply filed away by giant, animated office supplies, or… Whatever the eventual outcome, it’s not long before Jason has some very strange companions to help him on his way…

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