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Witch Hunt (The Wizard of Oz: Dark Witch Rising Book 2)

LaMontagne, Mike
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The danger intensifies in book two of the Dark Witch Rising saga. War is on the horizon and the winged monkeys are about to launch their most horrific attack yet. A vision from Dorothy’s past sends her on a quest to find the missing Lillian, the Good Witch of the North. Can Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion find the witch in time to stop the monkeys and prevent the destruction of the Emerald City? Publisher John V. Welch calls the Dark Witch Rising series "an exciting multi-generational saga that redefines and revitalizes Oz packed with twists and turns that will keep the reader riveted. Dark Witch Rising updates the mythos for the Harry Potter generation while staying true to the core of the original. Mike LaMontagne is a worthy successor to Baum and he will have you falling in love with Oz all over again!"

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