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Rainbow's Emissary (The Wizard of Oz: Dark Witch Rising Book 1)

LaMontagne, Mike
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Ozbo Productions

Something's wrong in Oz. The witches are becoming more bold. The danger more intense. The winged monkeys more daring. One of the monkeys has brazenly stolen the powerstone of a young knight, a stone she desperately needs back. A stone that leads her to a strange and wonderful land known as...Kansas. A generation later, Polychrome returns to the Emerald City, sent by her father with a warning for Dorothy. A warning that, if not acted upon immediately, could mean the end of the Land of Oz. Polychrome's cousin has descended upon Oz and he's picking up where the Wicked Witch of the West left off. He's stolen her magics. He's rebuilt her armies. He wants revenge and he doesn't care if he has to destroy all of Oz to get it. With only the Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion and the Hungry Tiger to help them, Dorothy and Polychrome must race against time to find the Tin Man and put a stop to this powerful new enemy before it's too late. Only one thing is certain - Oz will never be the same again!

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