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Dorothy: The Darker Side of Oz Book 1

Stanford, Scott
Here 873873.jpg
Trumble, Stephen
Wild Wolf Publishing
Comic/Graphic Novel/Manga

As Dorothy awakes in Oz there's no sunshine in Munchkin country, just a twisted race enslaved by the Eastern witch, and a crooked path of yellow bricks she has to take to the mysterious Emerald City, a place ridden with sinister secrets. To return home, the orphan girl treks the magical land, which is sometimes beautiful, but often deadly, seeking the help of the great wizard of Oz. Journeying through a vast land of unusual sights, she finds strange friends, encounters amazing countries and macabre creatures, trying to overcome whatever stands in her way...and if Dorothy finally reaches the Emerald City, she may find more than she bargained for. To get back to Kansas, the young girl must survive the dangers of Oz, find the mysterious great wizard, and most of all, avoid the dead-lands of the West where the evil witch, Outika breeds her carniverous pets... This isn't the Oz you know, and Dorothy may never leave.

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