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Bucketheads In Oz

Dulabone, Chris
Hunter, Greg
Karr, Phyllis Ann
Gick, Greg
Grandy, Melody
Sabatos, Chuck
Shumate, Deen
Noot, Jim Vander
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Maldonado, S.P.
Tails of the Cowardly Lion and Friends

Journey once more into the land where no one grows old. Travel along with a group of unusual Ozites-including a female nome, an unmagnified woggle-bug, a considerate kalidah, a hot-tempered art student, a lazy lion, a winged hammerhead, and an educated troll-who are seeking the help of the sorcerer Zim Greenleaf to rescue a mysterious woman who has been trapped inside a diamond ring. In this volume, readers will be treated to a visit with Boq the Munchkin, who entertained Dorothy during her first trip to the Land of Oz; an encounter with a beastly serpent with the head of a tiger; a magical potion that can grant one's every wish; a beautiful country that exists inside of a flower; a wild unexplored bayou; a glass boat shaped like a swan; and the bizarre land of Fantasque, where reason and logic are left behind. But the old witch Mombi is on the loose, and she's got plans for the merry kingdom, including its ruler, Princess Ozma!

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