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Of Cabbages, Kings and Even (Odd) Queens of Wonderland and Oz: A Gothic Young Adult Crossover Novel (Volume 1)

Baxley Jr., Ron
Wallace II, James C.
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Adams, G.T.
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

The Red Queen in Wonderland has beheaded her husband, the King of Hearts, and has put the body in a Sarchoph-Irator, a sarcophagus in refrigerator in one in which she displays all of her victims of beheading to all of Wonderland. Unknown to her, her riding boots are the shoes that the Walrus and the carpenter mentioned in their poem are very much alive Ozian boots who have chosen to keep quiet and have spied on her. Boots McStomp, a Scottish pair of riding boots brought to Life with the Powder of Life and who once lived in Treadville in Oz, is a spy for Princess Ozma. He retreats from the Red Queen while off her feet and finds White Rabbit, who is discovered to have originally been from Bunnybury in Oz, and together they travel to and report back to Princess Ozma. Princess Ozma has a special mission for them both that relates to ships, shoes, sealing wax, cabbages, and kings. Boots and White go on many adventures in Oz and a half Wonderland, half Ozian island called WhoaOz Island (or OzWhoa Island, depending on your point of view). Meanwhile, the Red Queen and the hideous Jabberwock are venturing out to destinations unknown, and the Red Queen is threatening to take off the heads of many of her Royal Officials. A Royal Barber is used as her executioner and is armed with a scythe. Whether the Red Queen’s tyrannical rule will continue in Wonderland is up to two unlikely heroes and the odd friends they encounter along the way.

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