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Toto's Tale

Hayes, K.D.
Weidman, Meg
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Martinez, April
Zumaya Thresholds

Everyone knows how Dorothy and Toto save Oz from the Wicked Witch of West...or do they? How will Dorothy survive in a land filled with haunted bags of straw, hollow metal men and giant smelly cats? How will she fight off killer bees, mad wolves and really annoying monkeys? How will she defeat a witch with mind control and an all-seeing eye? And how will Dorothy ever find the way home? The simple truth is that she won't, at least not alone. Of course, she's not alone-she has Toto, her best friend. That is, Toto used to be her best friend. But in Oz, Dorothy spends more time talking to a cat than to him. And Toto finds new friends, too. Maybe, he should just take his wolf friends back to Kansas instead...

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