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Trouble Under Oz

Smith, Sherwood
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Stout, William
Harper Collins Publishers, New York

Big trouble is brewing in Oz! Sinister clouds boil ominously over the Emerald City, Dorothy has gone missing, and there are rumblings of rebellion in the Nome Kingdom. So a desperate plea for help goes out from Princess Ozma to two resourceful sisters from Kansas through the magic snow globe that helped bring them to Oz once before. But the girls face troubles of their own at home, and only one of them can answer Ozma's call. It's up to Dori to prevent a war deep in the caverns of the Nomes, while Em tries to do the same between their parents. It's hard to say who has the tougher job. Written by acclaimed fantasy author Sherwood Smith and adorned with marvelous full-page black-and-white illustrations by William Stout, Trouble Under Oz is the second adventure featuring Dori and Em, two modern-day descendants of Dorothy Gale. The girls find themselves drawn even deeper into the affairs of the magical land they first visited in The Emerald Wand of Oz.

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