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News from Glinda's Great Book of Records
Prisoners of the Coral Reef

Kuznetzov, Yuri
Borosdina, Olga

Grau the Lion arrives on Rameria and, with the help of the Fluffies, he passes on to Ilsor and Kau-Ruk the coordinates of the reef, to which Charlie Black has returned and where is he now suffering privation. Kau-Ruk, a young Arzak named Zor, and the Lion pass through the tunnel to Earth. (Ilsor has to remain behind.) The Lion takes up residence in Magic Land, where he helps the Courageous Lion (Ellie’s old friend) tackle the remaining Saber-Toothed Tigers. The Ramerians construct a remarkable vessel, using a lid, with its repelling force, that once covered the entrance to Hurricap’s tunnel. Then they pick up Chris Tall at the Smith farm, and together they hasten to Charlie’s aid. The latter is living a Robinson Crusoe existence, and with him is Kostya Talkin, who had been returned, not to his home in Russia, but to the place where Viola had been, which is to say, the Irenian base. (The atoll where Charlie’s ship crashed just happens to be that base.) Now, however, not even the rescue expedition can escape from it. It is Ol, Viola’s father, who finally comes to their rescue, and, after they all part company as firm friends, each of them returns to his respective home.

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