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Stolen Animal Kingdom, The

Bachnow, Nikolai
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Something unimaginable happens in the magic land - the animal kingdom together with its king, the brave lion, is stolen. A giant sprinkles shrinking powder over the forest, so that trees and bushes, but also the animals, are many times smaller. Then he rolls everything up like a carpet and drags it into the mountains as a toy for his children. The misfortune could not be worse! While the animals struggle to adapt to their new location, Scheuch, Betty, Jessica and others who wanted to attend a forest festival are stunned by the event. They track down the giant, but how are they supposed to help? Once again, they have to overcome unexpected obstacles, face dangerous adventures. They get caught in the hands of double-headed vultures and Jessica with Betty even in the captivity of the giant girl Bomm. But with the help of an ibex and a clever marabus they finally reach their goal. Ultimately, the difficult task of reconversion can be tackled together with the animals.

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