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Visitors From Oz, The

Baum, Lyman Frank
Here 823823.jpg
Shanower, Eric
Hungry Tiger Press, San Diego

This brand new publication from Hungry Tiger Press includes all 27 episodes of Baum's 1904 "Queer Visitors from the Marvelous Land of Oz" short stories plus the complete, unedited text of Baum's 1905 The Wogglebug Book. All illustrated by Eric Shanower! This beautiful hardcover Collector's Edition contains an additional twenty pages of material including Baum's original 1904 "publicity" articles, an informative afterword by David Maxine, and much more! It is strictly limited to only 250 copies! Each signed and numbered by Royal Illustrator Eric Shanower! The 1961 Visitors from Oz picture book by Dick Martin contained heavily rewritten versions of only half of Baum's 1904 originals! The stories were next collected in the 1986 volume The Third Book of Oz, but that volume contained a heavily edited version of The Woggle Bug Book and altered versions of some of the Visitors stories. This new edition is the absolute FIRST to include ALL of Baum's original unexpurgated text -- and the first ever to be presented in traditional Oz book format! This is the first edition, too, that includes ALL of Eric Shanower's illustrations for these stories! The two previous editions of The Third Book of Oz each contained drawings not included in the other. And Eric Shanower has drawn a number of NEW illustrations just for this definitive edition!

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