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Living House of Oz, The

Einhorn, Edward
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Shanower, Eric
Hungry Tiger Press, San Diego

What do you do when your mother is arrested for practicing witchcraft? For thirteen-year-old Buddy the answer is easy—he’s off to rescue her from imprisonment in the Emerald City of Oz! Obstacles loom on every side. The giant Bumblebeast brandishes a terrible sting. The Adepts at Magic refuse to help Buddy with their powers. And who are the shadowy creatures with animal heads pursuing Buddy for mysterious reasons? With help from friends such as the living hat stand that calls itself the Earl of Haberdashery, Buddy at last reaches his mother only to find he must challenge the Wizard of Oz and Glinda the Good, the most powerful magic-workers in Oz. As if that isn’t enough, the incredible secret of Buddy’s past suddenly bursts forth for all to see. Questions and threats bombard him from every side as Buddy finally faces the most important choice of his life. Overflowing with magic, adventure, and everyone’s favorite Oz characters—the Scarecrow, Dorothy, Tempus the Parrot-Ox, and many more. The Living House of Oz is a thrilling and hilarious romp from start to finish.

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