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Toto Of Oz And The Surprise Party

Baum, Roger S.
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Seitzinger, Victoria
Overmountain Press

Dorothy was visiting the Emerald City with her dog, Toto. While there, she received an invitation from Glinda the Good Witch; Glinda wanted Dorothy to attend a surprise party at her palace in the south of Oz. Glinda really wanted Dorothy to be at the party, with the Lion, Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, and others, to celebrate the amazing fact that Oz was well over 100 years old! The Wizard was going to be the guest of honor. Time was short, so Glinda sent the speedy Sawhorse to Emerald City to give Dorothy a ride. Unfortunately, Dorothy had to leave Toto behind. The Sawhorse had just enough room for Dorothy and the gifts she was taking. Dorothy decided that Toto would be safe inside the Emerald City. There would be friends and plenty of food and water for him while she visited Glinda.

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