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Judy Garland, Ginger Love

Cooley, Nicole
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Harper Collins Publishers, New York

Raised by her immigrant grandmother who learned English by reading Hollywood fan magazines about Judy Garland, Lily shares with her grandmother a facination with Judy Garland. Lily comes to live with her grandmother after her parents are killed in a car crash. At seventeen Lily becomes an unwed mother to twin girls who she raises in a motel on Airline highway in New Orleans. She passes on her Judy Garland obession as well as a family "secret" of consuming vinegar to induce vomitting and control weight to her daughters. As adults the twins separate due to one marrying. After a miscarrage she is drawn back to her sister who seems to be spiraling into mental illness. The two take a trip back to New Orleans in an vain attempt to find the mother who abandoned them and recapture the fantasy land of Judy Garland & the Emerald city they created for themseleves as children growing up in the seedy hotel.

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