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Witcher from the Copper Forest, The

Bachnow, Nikolai
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Ernst, Hans-Eberhard

In the copper forest, where there are aluminum finches, gold-tailed monkeys and silver wolves, the dark sorcerer Kaligmo lives in his hut. He draws his magical powers from a shrub, to which he has to donate his blood. Kaligmo is imaginary and thinks he's the greatest of all wizards. When he ranks third in a magician contest in the Emerald City, he swears terrible vengeance. He sends out black barbed men who plant wild thorn hedges and cacti everywhere. The city should overgrow and all life should be suffocated. A disaster threatens, the wise Scheuch, Princess Betty and the others have to do something. In vain they first try to find out the author. When the sorcerer reveals himself, good advice is expensive. The brave lion and elephant thick skin, who seek out Kaligmo to confront him, are spellbound in unbreakable glass balls; the iron lumberjack escapes a terrible death. But since the Scheuch, Betty, Jessica, Larry Katzenschreck and even the Storch Klapp join together, the wizard is finally stopped.

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