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Curse of the Dragon King, The

Bachnow, Nikolai
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Ernst, Hans-Eberhard

A girl from the magic land, Telwina Beautiful, is coveted by an ugly dragon to woman to her horror and that of her uncle Din Gior. With his raids, Raubald not only terrifies people and animals, he also has magical powers. When the scare, Princess Betty, the lion and others stand against him, he uttered a terrible curse. Fires and floods will now devastate the magic land. How should the ruler of the Emerald City and his friends cope with the beast and save Telwina? Sure, there is Pet Riva who does a bit of magic, but he mixes up the formulas and often does the opposite of what he wants to do - should he be asked for help? A desperate struggle begins, and although the Scheuch and Din Gior are temporarily turned into giants, the end is completely uncertain.

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