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In the Clutches of the Sea Monster

Bachnow, Nikolai
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Ernst, Hans-Eberhard

In the Shell Sea, on the edge of the magical land that lies behind the global mountains, there is the realm of the sea queen Belldora. Since time immemorial, mermaids, fish and the rest of the marine life have lived peacefully together. But suddenly a smelly, voracious dirt monster spreads in the clean water. With its helpers, slippery and slippery watermen, it drives the sea creatures out of their traditional areas and suffocates all life with thick algal carpets. Wise Scheuch, the Brave Lion, the Iron Lumberjack and their friends set off from the Emerald City to charter a ship and help Belldora. Immediately they get into partly humorous, partly dangerous adventures, in which they find themselves in dire straits. Not only do you have to fight the nasty Aquarius but also crocodiles, sharks and the terrible monster itself.

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