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News from Glinda's Great Book of Records
Three in the Enchanted Forest (Tales of the

Sukhinov, Sergei
Here 749749.jpg
Saukiva, I.
Eksmo Press

One day, Bastinda the witch orders Astarkh the craftsman to carve many dreadful monsters out of wood, so that she may use them to terrify all the residents of Violet Land. He refuses to do so, and the witch determines to exact revenge on Astarkh. Bastinda transforms his wife into an old hag, and she entices his son into the Enchanted Forest. Young Danor’s friends fall into the trap along with him. Will Danor, Rong, and Naya be able to defeat Swarg, minion of Darkness? Will they succeed in getting out of the Enchanted Forest and breaking Bastinda’s wicked spells? (Later, Danor marries Naya and becomes mayor of Stellaria, Stella’s capital city.)

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