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Crystal Island, The (Tales of the

Sukhinov, Sergei
Here 747747.jpg
Saukiva, I.
Eksmo Press

In the Underground Kingdom, the domain of Pakir, Lord of Darkness, there is born one day an unusual winged being named Elg. He is the (hybrid) son of a prisoner, Marshal Loot, and a winged female creature named Hidara. Pakir’s underlings intend to kill Elg, but Hidara conceals her son on the far-off Crystal Island. The lad lives for many long years in solitude, but then he makes friends with the mighty Whale and a dolphin named Zack. When Elg grows older, he acquires the Shadow Sword, hoping to use it to liberate his father. But the forces of Darkness have laid a cunning trap for him. Will Elg and his friends be able to oppose Pakir’s monstrous servants?...

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