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Corina the Lazy Enchantress (Tales of the

Sukhinov, Sergei
Here 743743.jpg
Saukiva, I.
Eksmo Press

Long, long ago, a little girl named Corina is born in Blue Land. From her early childhood, she dreams of becoming a sorceress. Then one day, after losing her way in the forest, Corina finds herself at the cave of Gingema the witch. The old crone begins to teach her witchcraft, but the little girl proves to be quite lazy and makes no effort to learn anything. Then one fine day, a dreadful Saber-Toothed Tiger attacks the Munchkins. Only then does the girl feel sorry that she has been so lax in her witchcraft lessons. Will Corina be able to use her magic to save herself and her friends from the dreadful beast?

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