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Goodwin, the Great and Terrible (Prequel to the Emerald City

Sukhinov, Sergei
Here 733733.jpg
Vladimirski, Leonid
Eksmo Press

This is a prequel to the "Emerald City" series.

Very long ago in the small town of Kansas City lived a young actor named James Goodwin. He changed many professions, but success he did not achieve. It was here a strong hurricane blew him into the Magic Land, where small timid little fellows lived. Goodwin declared himself a great magician and the new ruler of the green country. He ordered the natives to build the wonderful Emerald City. But, in the adjacent countries lived the witches Of Gingema and Bastinda, and they decided to drive away the magician. But how did Goodwin know how to outwit the evil witches and become the great and terrible ruler of the Emerald City?

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