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Emerald Rain, The

Kuznetzov, Yuri
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Borosdina, Olga

(This story is a direct sequel to Volkov’s “The Mystery of the Deserted Castle.”) Nine years have passed since the departure of the spaceship “Diavona” for its home planet of Rameria. Christopher Tall, the young son of Elizabeth (better known as the fairy Ellie), is eagerly awaiting his mother’s return home so that the two of them can finally travel together to Magic Land. But some tidings from that country arrive first, as Din Gior and Kaggi-Karr the Crow fly to the Smith farm on dragonback. They tell him that the radio transmitter left behind by the Arzaks before their departure, has come to life. Using it, Ilsor (the chief Arzak) has reported that the Soporific Water has had no effect on the Menvits and that there are not enough emeralds for all the Arzaks... Chris sets out for Magic Land in order to participate in their council of war. But along the way, a gust of wind blows the lad off the dragon’s back, and he falls down onto one of the sinister Black Rocks. Within the Rock, as it turns out, there is a “tunnel” leading to the planet of the Arzaks and the Menvits -- Rameria. On Rameria, Chris falls into the hands of the Menvit police, and finds himself in a dungeon. But some strange creatures, the Fluffies (also called ranveeshes, or elusive ones) lead him away from there. They take the boy to a cave where the ancient books of the Arzaks’ distant ancestors, books that hold many secrets within them, are preserved. With the Fluffies’ help, Chris establishes contact with Ilsor and Kau-Ruk (the one good Menvit), and they all return to the cave. There, the three friends work out a plan to liberate the Arzaks: they will launch a spray of emeralds into the air in the form of minute particles. Then the Arzaks will no longer have to submit to hypnosis, and the Menvits will turn good! After some brilliant maneuvers, during which the friends must bring marvels of courage and resourcefulness to bear, the plan is carried through to fruition. Then Chris’s new friends assist him in returning home through the mysterious tunnel. It is explained that it is another creation of Hurricap, who used it long ago to depart from his native Rameria to Earth, brtinging some remarkable animals with him.

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