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Judy Garland & Wizard of Oz: The All Wonderful and All True Pictorial Book of Trivia

Piro, Rita E.
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Great Feats Press
Games, Toys & Trivia

Photos and Facts...Quotes and Quizzes...All about one of the world's best-loved movies - The Wizard of Oz, and one of the world's best-loved entertainers - Judy Garland. Part one of this 7 x 10 368 page book features lots of trivia and facts about The Wizard of Oz, the MGM studio and the stars of the time. This is followed by a section of great quizzes like "Oz by the Numbers" or "Who said it?," "Complete the lyric," and "Could you have worked at MGM in 1939?" culminating in a "100 questions about Oz." All told, there are nearly 600 quiz questions and answers of varying difficulty. Quizzes are graded in difficulty on a "Toto" scale. One Toto is "easy" and moves all the way up to four Totos or "very hard." Kiddies will also be able to contribute. Part Two of the book features a pictorial biography of the great Garland herself, and contains more than 500 rare and unique photos.

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