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Wind & The Wizard Vol. 1 & 2

Roberts, Richard
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Vernal Equinox Press

"Richard Roberts' two volume The Wind & the Wizard appears at first glance to be aimed strictly at children. Part of this is due to the nature of the book, and, indeed probably was intended for a child-the child in all of us. These charming books feature the adventures of Bertie, a small boy, and his stuffed monkey, Bongo. Bertie and Bongo. . . . enter into classic works of literature, interacting with the main characters and participating in their adventures. . . Roberts does an excellent job of keeping the original voice of whichever story his protagonists are in, and, while the action is being altered by the arrival of Roberts' characters, there is enough of the original left to feel at home. In the episode featuring Holmes and Watson, Bertie and Bongo assist the great detective in unraveling the secret of a mysterious riddle with reference to Jack-the-Ripper. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle even makes a bow. All in all, The Wind & the Wizard is a charming, entertaining fantasy with enough literary and historical references to delight the adult reader, and more than enough fun to carry along the child."

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