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Wizard of Oz and the Magic Merry-Go-Round, The

Baum, Roger S.
Here 627627.jpg
Seitzinger, Victoria
Overmountain Press

This is a story about two children who find an old merry-go-round in a junkyard. It appears, at first glance, to be the same one their parents used to ride when they were young. Soon, they are traveling with the Wizard of Oz and a special Munchkin to the Emerald City and it becomes extra special when they are able to ride the merry-go-round with their parents. Of course, their grandparents don't believe them. Their story seems a little too far fetched but, the children prove their point with a surprise ending that will be near and dear to all Oz fans. Indeed, there is a Candy Land of Oz. Although it is not very well-known, it truly does exist. Candy Land produces most of the confectionery sweets for the Emerald City shops. The ruler of Candy Land is "His Highness The Giant Royal Marshmallow." He has a problem. We'll see what happens when Dorothy and Toto arrive in this delicious land.

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