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Salt Sorcerer of Oz and Other Stories, The

Shanower, Eric
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Shanower, Eric
Hungry Tiger Press, San Diego

In the title story, you'll learn how Kabumpo the Elegant Elephant is helped out of some elephant-sized troubles by the mysterious Salt Sorcerer as they hunt for the Crystal Corkscrew. In Dorothy and the Mushroom Queen, our favorite heroine from Kansas finds adventure with the Glass Cat and Flicker when they journey to a hidden cavern beneath the Land of Oz. Gugu and the Kalidahs tells what happens when a renegade Kalidah - a fierce creature with a tiger's head and bear's body - menaces the Forest of Gugu. Scraps, the Patchwork Girl of Oz, undergoes an unexpected inflation in The Balloon-Girl of Oz, and in The Silver Jug, one of Glinda's hand-maidens just can't seem to stay out of mischief - until Glinda gives her more mischief than she can handle!

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