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Odd Tale of Osoenft in Oz, The

Mebes, Marcus
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Mebes, Marcus
Buckethead Enterprises of Oz

This is another "Skeezik" book. This one provides a great deal of background information about the Skeeziques and their magic tree. This information is carefully thought out and very logical. The characters are more carefully developed than usual. The inserted short stories seem like part of the plot rather than interruptions to it. A warning in the front suggests that there is "reality" in this book that may be disturbing. I found nothing here that is any worse than in an average episode of tv's classic "The Lone Ranger." It is a very important book for its Oz information. The illustrations, especially those by Mebes, are excellent. I want to give this book more stars than I am. I do have to argue the way Polychrome and her helpers rescue a man named Brace. Brace is a very obnoxious drunk driver. He is not the sort of character that I'd expect Polychrome to want to help. He is a particularly unlikely target for Ozian immortality.

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