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Veggy Man in Oz

Barlow, Nate
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Grandy, Melody
Buckethead Enterprises of Oz

Nate Barlow loves to introduce unusual new characters. And he has a fine knack for it. This book is filled to overflowing with a huge assortment of them. A fish that can swim out of water. A penguin that can stand extremely hot temperatures. A baby dinosaur and his mother. Living, walking sports equipment. An amusing clown named Ras Cal. And, of course, Veggy Man and his crew of animated vegetables. These are but a few. Each of these characters has his own individual talents. Each of them is uniquely interesting. Most important, however, are the Mirror Men. These are the villains of the piece. They have actually succeeded in taking over Oz. It is up to Veggy Man and the rest of the crew to overthrow them. All of these elements show great potential, and the book is fun enough to read. But I wish that Barlow had not introduced so many characters that don't add significantly to the plot. I found it hard to keep track of everyone. This book lacks the polish of other Buckethead works. But, all in all, a fun story. The cover by Melody Grandy is absolutely beautiful. Barlow's own interior illustrations are also cute.

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