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Unknown Witches of Oz, The: Locasta and the Three Adepts

Hardenbrook, David
Here 572572.jpg
Rouleau, Kerry
Galde Press, Inc.

The first volume in a proposed trilogy set in an alternate Oz. Dan, a young man from America, meets a good witch named Locasta and travels to Oz with her. But there they meet a bunch of awful villains who are plotting to take over Oz. Puns and wit abound, and the color cover has been beautifully drawn. The Three adepts of Oz are depicted as being the granddaughters of Locasta the Good Witch of the North. This attempt to explain the origins for the Three Adepts ruins their good nature as Baum depicted them. This book brings in too many modern day elements of the author's own personal life. Another poor attempt to tie together many elements of the origins of items that L. Frank Baum created in his Oz books falls short. Ozma is portrayed as wanting to have a mate. Interesting reading but not a good tie-in to the Oz continuum.

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